Yes, it’s a good bet that big, progressive companies often can suffer financially from their growth.

One area in particular is being over billed by their telecom providers, telecom carriers. People and services are added, and more telecom service is required, right? But history shows, very few people really investigate the changing telecom billing in detail. And why would they?

The company grows, so it makes sense that the billing in telecom grows too. What you don’t know is that large companies are often victims of paying for telecom services they are no longer receiving or require.

An easy fix is to bring in specialist who are trained and completely up-to-date in telecom billing regulations, tariffs, rates, terms, conditions and US Codes.

Without jeopardizing the systems and services you currently have in place, and without looking to move you to another carrier, they will conduct a thorough audit of your systems.  Such an audit can often result in rebates and reductions in ongoing monthly charges.

As a rule, many Telecom Consulting companies undertake this work on a contingency basis.  If there are no rebates fund or reduction in monthly expenditure, there is no fee.




Food prices – UP; Gas Prices – SOARING and it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, whether you like it or not, there’s very little option but to try and absorb the rising costs and keep paying the price.

As a home owner, an employee as opposed to a business owner, there’s little to do other than look at personal pleasure and luxury expenditure; heck I hate to say it but even the bare necessities and make cuts; huge cuts in many circumstances.  Earnings are certainly not keeping in line with inflation, more and more unemployment, more and more homes being foreclosed on.

As a business owner, yes you have the same problems at a personal level BUT at a business level you have more opportunities to man-and-time-manage business expenditure, consolidate existing business expenditure enabling you to redirect monies to encourage development and growth – DESPITE the rising costs.

For many years now Telecom Expenditure has been under the microscope simply because it has become so complicated and convoluted.  If you are not 150% current in Telecom billing regulations, tariffs, rates, terms, conditions and US Codes you don’t stand a chance.

You have to be able to identify an overcharge or problem before you can correct it and as a result, many companies are:

  • paying for services they don’t need or that they didn’t even ask for,
  • are being overbilled,
  • have erroneous charges that they don’t understand or even know about,
  • are the victim of huge contract anomalies or even non-implementation of contracts etc.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg but the bottom line is that it’s YOUR MONEY and that’s money that should be applied to your BOTTOM line; be used effectively for reinvestment purposes to grow your business etc etc.  YOU NEED TO GET IT BACK.

We’re not talking chump change here; we are talking 5 figure, 6 figure. 7 figure rebates as well as significant ongoing monthly savings without and loss of or change to your existing services.

Frightening isn’t it?


Over the past months I get the feeling that many Telecom Audiors are struggling to get the rebates and reductions they are due.  I have heard so many horror stories about carriers/providers refusing LOA’s, even more horror stories of legitimate refunds being denied again and again and again despite the ‘auditor’ understanding telecom billing regulations, tariffs, rates, terms, conditions and US Codes.

So why the run-around and so many denials?

I personally believe that many of the carriers and providers are using such tactics to stall the actual auditing process – in my humble opinion the denials are being made in the hope that the ‘auditor’ will just get fed up of re-presenting claims over and over again and out of frustration either go away or settle for much less than they should have – in other words settle for the low hanging fruit.  Sadly, from what I am hearing, quite a few are settling.

At Meta Lind Solutions, we wised up to this a long time ago and now relish the challenge of such cases.  We’ve become pretty adept at getting those ‘denied claims’ settled in full so, if you have a claim in hand that has been refused a number of times, isn’t getting anywhere fast, and you want to do the very best by your client, before settling for less than you should, let your fingers do the talking – use them to call or email Meta Lind (President Meta Lind Solutions, Inc) in total confidence –


One of the best kept secrets in the business today is the enormity and wide-spread nature of telecom billing errors.
What most astonishes the average business person once involved in a billing dispute is the lengths to which a telecom carrier’s revenue retention department will go to keep overcharged money; money they never deserved.
In what other business would it be acceptable to keep $250,000.00, or in some cases, millions in over billing and to explain it away as being the customer’s fault because they didn’t report it in a timely fashion; and then if reported, to then be told that it was not in writing, or sent to the right place, so sorry.
Think about the legal recourse you and I would suffer if we took that kind of money from someone.
The world of telecom has its own set of rules and if you are not current on codes, terms, conditions, tariffs and business service guides, it is very easy, too easy, to become a victim of over billing.
You have to be able to identify an overcharge before you can correct it.
Check out Meta Lind Solutions, Inc If anyone can help you, they can

There’s a trend sweeping the country at the moment, FORCED EXPENSE CUTTING EFFORTS. This trend is resulting in many companies getting large rebates (5-6-7 figures are not uncommon) as well as up to a 50% reduction of ongoing monthly expenditure.

Times are hard, the economy is not exactly good, monthly expenditure doesn’t seem to decrease and that’s all impacting the the bottom line as well as jobs.

As a result, many companies are now adopting FORCED EXPENSE CUTTING EFFORTS.  It’s pretty easy, they’re telling their personnel that they are to listen to all sensible and feasible proposals that may well help the bottom line and reduce monthly expenditure.

When you think about it, isn’t this a practice that should be in place irrespective of what the economy is like?  Listen, evaluate and if the proposal fit’s the bill, run with it – particularly if it’s on contingency basis.  No rebates, no reductions, NO COST.  That sounds pretty much like a win win situation to me.  Like going to the doctor and getting a clean bill of health.

If this is something you’re interested in, want to talk about more, let me know.  As they say, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. There’s no cost if we don’t find any money for you.


Why is it that many (not all) IT departments do not want Independent Telecom Expense Management Companies brought in?

Please help me out on this one because I do believe that it is the CIO’s and IT personnel who should in fact be bringing us in, taking the kudos for saving their companies serious amounts of money.

I have spoken with a few CIO’s and IT personnel who where put in a position by their CEO’s and CFO’s to work with us. We got these companies back serious money. Subsequently I asked the CIO “why did you resist so much?” The honest answer ……. “we’re trying to protect our jobs.” Now that is honest – YES?

Further discussion revealed that they resist because they felt that should we come in and get large refunds, which also leads to a reduction in ongoing monthly expenses, it reflects badly on them. With respect, that should not be the case simply because there is no way that they can have the personnel trained in current telecom billing regulations, tariffs, rates, terms, conditions and US Codes?

I really would welcome some insight on this from CIO’s and IT Personnel


Telecom Expenditure eats a big hole into company profits (5 – 6 – 7 sums are not uncommon) and therefore has a significant impact on the bottom line.

Would you agree that this then has the knock on effect of restricting expansion and development, would you agree that that money would be much better employed growing your company?

OK, being realistic we can’t do without telecom BUT what we can do is ensure that we are getting what we pay for.    At Meta Lind Solutions, we use our 35 plus years of experience and unique skill sets on our customers behalf to ensure that their Telecom Expenditure is in order – if it isn’t we then go to work.

We have an extremely high success rate.  6 – 6 – 7 figure refunds are not unusual.  In addition, companies can also benefit from a significant reduction in ongoing monthly Telecom Expenditure – that’s more money to reinvest and help grow your company.

We don’t try to move your services from your existing carrier, we simply ensure that you are getting what you paid for.

If you’d like to explore the possibility that you may be due a HUGE REFUND do call us (208-938-9223) or visit our website at There’s no commitment to do this; you have nothing to lose and potentially some serious dollars to gain.

Nearly forgot, we are successful at what we do, we operate a NO FIND – NO FEE POLICY so it’s a win win situation.